Cabinetry Packaging

Reduce product damage with an On Demand Packaging® solution.

Shipping products fast and efficient

With the continuing popularity of home and kitchen renovations, it’s more important than ever for cabinet makers to establish a lean manufacturing model that can keep up with demand.

Free up your warehouse space and only use the corrugated you need, when you need it.

Minimize DIM weight charges by reducing your box size with right-sized packaging on-demand.

Speed is everything. Harness the ability to create a right-sized package exactly when you need it.

How right-sized packaging, on demand works

Right-size packaging starts with inputting product dimensions manually, with a scanner or through an existing WMS system. Then the Packsize z-Fold® corrugated is fed into the machine as it cuts, creases and scores the corrugated to the exact product dimensions. Right-sized packages are easier to handle, costs less to transport and makes for happier customers.

Don’t cut corners, protect them

A custom solution for your custom cabinets

On Demand Packaging solutions allow you to design your own right-sized packaging, on demand. By making boxes right-sized, you eliminate the wiggle room that causes products to arrive damaged, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in damage fees, and preventing work from being done twice.

Custom boxes, on demand

Design cardboard shipping boxes as unique as what you are shipping.

Improve customer satisfaction

Ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

Increase sustainability

Decrease environmental impact and minimize the use of petroleum-based fillers.

Decrease product damages

Our packaging is proven to better protect products.

Protect your cabinets with smart, custom-designed packaging

From boxes and corner protections to trays and caps, Packsize enables you to make a right-sized box in real time as your products come off the production line and keep them perfectly safe until they reach their destination. Using a lean manufacturing model, Packsize uses the smartest combination of hardware and software designed to improve every step of your packaging process, optimize warehouse space, reduce shipping costs, and minimize damages.

Packsize can help you save money and improve your current process.

Contact us today for a personalized analysis of your shipping process.