From surviving to thriving

Meet growing e-commerce demand with scalable solutions and Right-sized Packaging on Demand®.
Eliminated dunnage in packages
Reduced material, labor, and freight costs
Significantly increased throughput
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The Challenge: 

Too much demand, not enough throughput.

Facing tremendous business growth in 2020, ReadyWise realized they needed to get more orders out the door, faster. Having several full-time employees dedicated to box making alone slowed down their throughput, and box inventory took up unnecessary warehouse space.

ReadyWise knew their current model wasn’t scalable and they needed automation to cut costs and accelerate efficiency to meet their increased demand. Test

We’re larger than we’ve ever been. We’re shipping more packages than we’ve ever shipped and we probably could not have met that [demand] fast enough without the Packsize machine.
Wendy Davenport
Director of SNLP

The Solution:

Scalable On Demand Packaging® designed for growth

Packsize partnered with ReadyWise to implement Right-sized Packaging on Demand using an X4 machine system. Now, instead of spending hours on labor and box inventory, the X4 automatically produces the right-sized box, complete with shipping label, for each order that comes in.

The result is a much higher throughput, with one million pouches being produced each week and thousands of orders shipped per day. By right-sizing boxes, Readywise is also able to fit more orders on a single truck, significantly reducing their overall freight costs. This also means consumers receive their orders faster, safer, and more sustainably.

“It’s been 100 times better in terms of the presentation that we’re giving to our customers and also the efficiency in which we’re gaining from using Packsize,” said Brandon Eriksson, VP of Sales at Readywise.