A product’s first impression is its packaging

Increase customer satisfaction with an On Demand Packaging® solution from Packsize.

Bad packaging can lead to a frustration-filled experience

For a lot of companies, packaging is treated as an afterthought. Getting packages out the door as quickly as possible often leads to problems: packages shipped in boxes too large and with too many components, or packaging that is simply too frustrating to open.

Packsize simplifies your packaging design

Right-sized Packaging on Demand® makes it possible to right-size every product for every shipment.

An On Demand Packaging® solution makes it possible to create a right-sized boxes for every shipment. By shipping the right-sized box, eliminate unnecessary void fill, leaving your customers with less packaging waste to throw away. This means your customers no longer carry the extra burden of disposing of the extra packaging.

Frustration Free Packaging Certification

Packsize has a custom packaging design team focused on solving unique packaging problems. This team is happy to collaborate with your company to help you obtain an Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Certification or pass ISTA testing.

Easy open boxes

Packsize’s newest generation of automated machinery creates ready-to-ship boxes that don’t require packing tape and can be easily popped open for the ultimate frustration-free packaging experience.

Your brand reputation is at the doorstep—and on the line

A great packaging experience has as much word-of-mouth upside for your brand as a bad packaging experience has downside. Download our newest one-page report to see just how far bad packaging experiences are shared.

Make everyone happy

Reduce waste

Remove unsustainable void filler waste and reduce the packaging material used.

Tackle your top customer complaint

Customers hate bad packaging—give them a good first impression!

Increase sustainability

Make your packaging easily recyclable.

“We clearly saw customer satisfaction metrics rise significantly.”

By producing custom-sized boxes for each order, Staples reduced the number of air pillows they used by 60% and the size of their boxes by 20%. This resulted in an estimated annual carbon footprint reduction of 30,200 tons, equivalent to 120,000 trees.

Care. Protect. Impress.

Benefit from Packsize’s smarter packaging commitment and long-standing industry expertise. Request a Packsize analysis today.