Big furniture meets the smallest possible box

Big furniture meets the smallest possible box

The Challenge: Lots of inventory, not enough throughput

MityLite is an industry leader in manufacturing lightweight chairs and tables, but their extensive offerings forced the company to stock over 45 different box sizes. “Planning for packaging needs was a difficult problem,” said MityLite’s Chief Operations Officer Brian Bowers. “Our corrugated stock inventory took up significant warehouse space and we often found ourselves with too much inventory of slow‐moving boxes and frequent stockouts in other sizes.”


The Solution: A packaging machine that improves lead times

Packsize helped revolutionize the way tables are sent out the door. By simplifying their packaging needs, MityLite was able to reduce their corrugated stock while improving their lead times.

Don’t sit on a good idea

Corrugated stock reduced by 60%.

Operational improvements and cost reductions.

Simplified packaging needs.

Eliminated stockouts.

“The Packsize system is amazing in its ability to build exactly what is needed when it is needed.”
Brian Bowers, COO

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