Good for the planet. Good for your business.

Most companies want to become more sustainable, but at what cost? In your free evaluation of your current packaging workflow, Packsize will show you how to improve your positive impact on the Earth, and your bottom line. It all starts with right-sized packaging. It all starts with you.

Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet®

Packsize strives to use resources wisely for the betterment of our communities and the planet. Our approach to packaging is the same as the environment — use less and protect more.

Use less corrugated

Reduce CO2

Improve Customer

Saving the world—one box at a time

Our On Demand Packaging® solutions successfully replace the traditional store-and-retrieve box model from our customers’ supply chains as well as the corresponding complexity, time, waste, and unnecessary material and shipping costs. Right-sizing requires less corrugated fiberboard, removes or reduces the need for void filler, improves less-than-full-case average cube utilization, and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

For every 1 million square feet of corrugated cardboard used, Packsize customers typically save:


Box size reduction


Less void fill used


Reduction in corrugated


CO2 reduced globally

Calculate the cost savings and positive environmental impacts of switching to Packsize

When you use Packsize, you’re not only saving money, but also saving the environment.