July 15, 2019

Consumer Satisfaction Begins With The Right-Sized Box Made By Packsize

Automated packaging systems help top online retailers resolve frustration-free packaging concerns.

SALT LAKE CITY—July 15, 2019—E-commerce and sustainability continue to converge as consumers feverishly embrace online shopping promotions like Amazon Prime Days. Millions of product shipments will deploy this week in over-sized boxes and paper/plastic sleeves causing headaches for consumers and recycling centers alike. Despite industry efforts to counter corrugated waste through programs like Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), product manufacturers must continue to improve their processes and meet certification requirements.

Packsize can help these vendors revamp from standard retail shipping to FFP program requirements through utilizing its advanced packaging technology, machinery, and consultative support. By doing so, these businesses can remove or reduce Amazon chargebacks with Packsize right-sizing solutions while also advancing their corporate sustainability programs, increasing savings, and improving customer expectations for improved and guilt-free packaging that’s easy to reuse and recycle.“Major brands have announced sustainable packaging goals in response to growing public concern about the impact of wasteful packaging on the environment,” said Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner.

“This is a good thing. This packaging paradigm shift also elevates the right-sized box, the most effective and immediate way for vendors to achieve consumer satisfaction through sustainable packaging.”Companies using On Demand Packaging® systems save on corrugated costs due to right-sizing the package, which on-average reduces 40%-60% of wasted container space as compared to traditional box supply inventories. In addition to “containing and protecting” the product order, right-sized corrugated packaging delivers a multitude of sustainable packaging functions that drive a ripple effect on storage, handling, and transportation efficiencies as it travels through the supply chain.

About Packsize
Packsize transforms how businesses and their customers experience packaging – from packing to unboxing. Since introducing Right-sized Packaging on Demand in 2002, Packsize has become a recognized supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. As a partner and trusted advisor, Packsize unlocks the hidden potential in its customers’ supply chain and creates custom packaging process flows that consider every step – from the warehouse floor to the customer’s hands. Packsize is reimagining packaging and accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. Follow Packsize on LinkedIn.


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