August 2, 2010

New Packsize Fanfold Cassette Changer Increases Packaging Throughput

SALT LAKE CITY—September 1, 2010 — Responding to an increase in demand for corrugated packaging concepts that assist in lowering supply chain costs, Packsize International LLC today announced the availability of a 14-track Fanfold Cassette Changer, a new high throughput accessory for the Packsize EM7 machine. The new Packsize Cassette Changer can accommodate more tracks and widths of fanfold through the EM7 to give customers more options, improved yield and greater throughput to meet their packaging requirements.

“Woodworking companies are seeking leaner alternatives and sustainable packaging concepts that assist in lowering supply chain costs,” said Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner. “Our new cassette accessory optimizes the yield and maximizes the quantity of box output for our customers, without the worry of increasing the operational layout of their warehouse. Additionally, a customized box for each and every product eliminates the use of generic packaging, as well as the expense of maintaining corrugated stock inventory.”The reliability of the multi-track cassette changer is underscored by the fact that Packsize systems are designed to be virtually jam-free. As the fanfold enters the EM7, it is controlled with pneumatic rollers that prevent inaccuracies associated with poor paper control.“In essence, the new Packsize Cassette Changer expands the capacity and efficiencies of our ‘Right-sized Packaging On Demand®’ system on the client’s factory floor,” said Kiessner.


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Founded in 2002, Packsize International LLC is the world’s leading provider of lean packaging solutions for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. The Packsize system delivers an alternative to the existing corrugated supply chain with “Right-sized Packaging on Demand®” which eliminates the need for large inventories of pre-ordered cardboard boxes, reducing the “footprint” of the packaging supply chain, and trimming work content required for boxing and shipping. For more information, visit

About Packsize
Packsize transforms how businesses and their customers experience packaging – from packing to unboxing. Since introducing Right-sized Packaging on Demand in 2002, Packsize has become a recognized supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. As a partner and trusted advisor, Packsize unlocks the hidden potential in its customers’ supply chain and creates custom packaging process flows that consider every step – from the warehouse floor to the customer’s hands. Packsize is reimagining packaging and accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. Follow Packsize on LinkedIn.


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