November 7, 2022

Pack ergonomically, “Wohnfühlen” at home: Easy packaging of heavy sun protection products, realized by Reflexa and Packsize

HERFORD – November 07, 2022

A pleasant living feeling – that’s what the awnings, roller shutters and more from Reflexa, one of the most important manufacturers of sun and insect protection technology, promise. A more pleasant and healthy working environment – that’s what Reflexa wanted for its employees, because the bulky and up to 160 kg heavy products pose special challenges for the manufacturer in the packaging process. The sun shading products supplier also saw potential for improvement in terms of sustainability. Until now, far too much packaging material had to be used to protect the voluminous products during shipping.

A close partnership leads to a solution

In Packsize, Reflexa found the right partner to develop a customized packaging solution that protects the health of employees and the environment in equal measure: The Herford-based company stands for individualized packaging processes that combine ergonomics, efficiency and productivity with particular sustainability. Together, Reflexa and Packsize developed a suitable solution for the sunshade manufacturer that enables ergonomic handling of the heavy and bulky products, makes processes more efficient, and at the same time ensures particularly economical use of packaging materials.

Increased productivity and more ergonomic processes

This is how the optimized packaging process works: With the help of a Packsize cutting machine, supplemented by components from Becker’s special machine engineering department, each order is now packaged on demand. The system ensures high productivity and smooth processes: so-called folding tables support the employees in erecting and filling the cartons in batch size 1. The products are stowed and sealed in the cartons by a lifting device, then transported to the discharge conveyor and taken from the line’s conveyor for further transport by vacuum suction. With a cycle time of 30 seconds per carton, packaging of up to 7.30 meters in length and weighing up to 160 kg is produced in this way. Thanks to the ergonomic sequences, Reflexa optimizes the work processes and also makes them more health-friendly. “Reflexa attaches great importance to ergonomic working. We have mastered this challenge together with our partner Becker and are pleased to be able to present work processes ergonomically and productively in the long term with the new solution,” explains Otto Friedl, Packsize Account Manager.

More ergonomics and sustainability

A big plus of the new solution is the sustainable use of resources: awnings and the like receive precisely fitting packaging that saves considerable amounts of corrugated board and filling material. By closing the cardboard boxes with hot glue, Reflexa creates paper-based outer packaging that facilitates recycling. At the same time, precision-fit packaging provides logistical advantages: No space is wasted during storage and shipping. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions. “From process flows to the use of manpower to materials – the bottom line is that Packsize’s packaging produced on demand is a win-win for us all along the line and puts our motto ‘Pack ergonomically, feel at home’ into practice,” emphasizes Wolfgang Egenberger, head of materials management at Reflexa.

Watch the Reflexa Video

Reflexa and Packsize show how it works

Companies that are now curious and are also looking for ergonomic andv sustainable packaging solutions, e.g. for their bulky and/or heavy products, will receive valuable suggestions on November 24, 2022, in a webinar hosted by partners Reflexa and Packsize.

About Packsize GmbH: Packsize is an international technology company, Packsize GmbH in Herford leads the European activities. The company develops, produces and distributes individualized packaging-on-demand processes and offers the broadest range of customized and automated cartonboard production at the point of production or dispatch. In the applying companies, material and labor costs are saved, more efficient processes are designed, and sustainability and customer satisfaction are increased.

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