February 1, 2023

Packsize Announces Revolutionary X5 Solution To Deliver Automated And Sustainable Packaging Systems For eCommerce Companies

The World’s First Fully Automated Erected Box System, the X5 Solution Produces Ready-To-Pack, Right-Sized Erected Boxes at Industry-Leading Speed

Today, Packsize®, the market leader in sustainable, right-sized, on-demand packaging, announced the launch of its new X5® solution, the world’s first fully-automated erected box system and the most advanced, flexible, efficient and sustainable platform available for the e-commerce industry.

The X5 solution produces ready-to-pack, right-sized erected boxes at industry-leading speed. Crutchfield, a leading e-commerce electronics retailer, was one of the first to implement the X5 system in their warehouses. They came to Packsize looking for a way to streamline their packaging process flow while reducing their carbon footprint.

“Before partnering with Packsize, we had manual pack stations,” said Chris Groseclose, Chief Fulfillment Officer, Crutchfield. “I had five to eight packers handling between 2,500 to 3,000 orders a day. Packsize’s X5 has been a great platform for us. It makes the box, seals the bottom, and just ejects it onto the conveyer. It’s a quality-of-life improvement for the operators, an efficiency gain for us, hits the volume we need, and is reliable. We are significantly impressed.”

The X5 significantly enhances e-commerce providers’ and manufacturers’ ability to meet customer demand, while addressing labor shortages, associated costs, and waste concerns.

“Unpredictable marketplace challenges over the last two years have compelled retailers and manufacturers to solve complex challenges around packaging technology, labor shortages, and throughput issues to meet consumer demand with sustainable solutions up and down the supply chain,” said Rod Gallaway, CEO of Packsize. “Our innovations with the X5 solution alleviate these concerns while increasing efficiencies at scale and reducing the environmental impact of e-commerce. We continue to reimagine the future of packaging and create solutions at the nexus of technology, efficiency, and sustainability.”

The X5, like all Packsize solutions, reduces packaging waste caused by oversized boxes, negates void filler like plastic air pillows, reduces shipping emissions, and improves the end-consumer’s overall experience. By right-sizing boxes, companies can minimize their costs and environmental impact associated with extraneous and unneeded corrugated while improving parcel logistics, fitting 66% more boxes on freight and delivery carriers.

The X5 solution, part of the Packsize X Series, is the culmination of bold innovation and Packsize’s proprietary best-in-class hardware and software.

  • Packsize is the first to develop this revolutionary approach to producing boxes via its Right-sized Packaging on Demand® automated platform, seamlessly integrating with its PackNet® production and optimization software.
  • The X5 solution delivers up to 600 ready-to-pack, right-sized erected boxes per hour while automatically and accurately applying up to two labels per box, providing an advantage for high-volume e-commerce centers when integrated with other Packsize software.
  • The X5 machine system is backed by Packsize’s expert customer support and service team, holding a 99% average machine uptime. Packsize partners with each customer to ensure they have the right solution, with machine experts on-site to keep things up and running.

“There are other people out there trying to do this and they can’t,” said Groseclose. “We have never had a day that we didn’t get all the shipments out. Packsize has never let us down… we’re looking forward to many more years of Packsize as one of our key business partners.”

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Packsize transforms how businesses and their customers experience packaging – from packing to unboxing. Since introducing Right-sized Packaging on Demand in 2002, Packsize has become a recognized supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. As a partner and trusted advisor, Packsize unlocks the hidden potential in its customers’ supply chain and creates custom packaging process flows that consider every step – from the warehouse floor to the customer’s hands. Packsize is reimagining packaging and accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. Follow Packsize on LinkedIn.


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