June 4, 2013

Packsize On Demand Packaging Puts e-Retailer Spotlight On Function Over Form

Packsize demonstrates corrugated material reduction as a brand marketing tactic with the iQ FUSION– Meet Packsize at IRCE booth 1701, June 4-7, Chicago’s McCormick Place

SALT LAKE CITY—June 4, 2013 — Packsize today announced that its On Demand Packaging® system is demonstrating that packaging can meet consumers’ expectations for functional improvements, including a demand for less packaging material and better product protection. Packsize also finds that On Demand Packaging® addresses reduced shipping costs for the e-retailer, and provides shippers a more cost-effective method for accomplishing faster delivery promises.

“The need for packaging satisfaction has caused heightened retailer-consumer interaction at the mass-market level,” said Packsize Founder Hanko Kiessner. “The brand opinions of online shoppers are being made at the doorstep. On Demand Packaging® accomplishes overall material reduction and a host of other benefits for the fulfillment sector while serving as an effective brand tactic as well.”

Introduced by Packsize in 2002, adoption of On Demand Packaging® has increased as fulfillment companies put more attention on material reduction, increased throughput, and improved customer satisfaction. On Demand Packaging® has become a key brand tactic for meeting the order fulfillment and delivery expectations of the demanding web shopping audience.

As an example of these findings, Packsize customer Staples.com found that no matter how efficiently from a cost standpoint they packaged orders, customers believed there was too much waste. With an On Demand Packaging® implementation underway throughout Staples’ U.S. e-commerce fulfillment centers, customers have already responded that they are overwhelmingly positive about the reduced box size for their orders and how rightsizing resolves issues related to their former disposal of excessive packaging. The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) will recognize Staples and Packsize with an AmeriStar Package Award this month (June 19) in Pennsylvania for their combined efforts in the areas of package innovation, sustainability, protection, economics, performance, and marketing.

Packsize has also found from in-depth analysis of the fulfillment sector that roughly 40 percent of every
e-commerce package consists of air. On Demand Packaging® gives these retailers the ability to reduce their average package size, enabling them to negotiate better shipping rates, while also achieving a better synchronization of shipping routes and destinations, which improves delivery cycles and creates a more efficient supply chain infrastructure.

“As more consumers shop online, On Demand Packaging® presents the new retail economy with the right-sized box to carry the promise of a well-delivered product for a healthy planet,” said Kiessner.

Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® system includes the converting machine that produces the boxes or cartons based on dimensional data, as well as z-Fold™ corrugated material that is used to make the right-sized boxes. The Packsize converting machine cuts, creases, and scores the z-Fold™ to the exact specifications.

Packsize International invites those involved with implementing, supporting, or deploying e-retailing packaging initiatives to visit Booth #1701 at IRCE from June 4 – 7, 2013 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Packsize will demonstrate the combined functionality of the Packsize iQ FUSION™ corrugated converting machine together with z-Fold™.

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Packsize transforms how businesses and their customers experience packaging – from packing to unboxing. Since introducing Right-sized Packaging on Demand in 2002, Packsize has become a recognized supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. As a partner and trusted advisor, Packsize unlocks the hidden potential in its customers’ supply chain and creates custom packaging process flows that consider every step – from the warehouse floor to the customer’s hands. Packsize is reimagining packaging and accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. Follow Packsize on LinkedIn.


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