February 25, 2019

Packsize Presents 7 Ways To Increase Fulfillment Speed And Improve Order Optimization

Packsize Unveils X7 in Orlando at #LINK2019, RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference.

ORLANDO—February 25, 2019—Resolving the e-commerce industry’s need for high-volume, custom-sized box output, Packsize today announced the commercial availability of the X7 Automated Right-sized Packaging System. The X7 meets the high-capacity packaging demands for single or consolidated stackable product orders by achieving order process optimization through advanced packaging automation.

By adding Packsize’s advanced box production technology and On Demand Packaging® expertise to their fulfillment processes, the X7 can improve retail packaging operations in the following seven ways:

  1. Enhanced speed and reliability. The X7 meets efficiency requirements for high-production runs. In development and testing for two years, this second-generation, fully automated system can fulfill up to 1,200 ready-to-ship orders per hour.
  2. Reduced reliance on labor. As a fully automated solution, the X7 reduces labor-intensive manual packaging processes and provides a reliable answer to labor shortages.
  3. Increased sustainability. The biggest driver in packaging continues to be sustainability, which is also seeing continued attention due to the rise of e-commerce. The X7 ™ facilitates positive, sustainable change through smart use of resources, an observed reduction in wasteful packaging, and helps retailers achieve a reduced carbon footprint.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction. According to an industry study commissioned by Packsize, organizations following sustainability practices realize favorable customer satisfaction, higher customer retention levels, and increased cost savings.
  5. Lower freight costs. Larger-than-needed packages shipped via truck, rail, ship, or plane waste valuable fuel resources. Right-sized orders produced by the X7 require fewer line-hauls and achieve dimensional weight parcel savings.
  6. Fewer damages. Right-sizing orders reduces damage during shipping and delivers superior product protection, resulting in fewer returns.
  7. More warehouse space. A custom box-making solution reduces box obsolescence and management since there is no longer a need to stock and manage a large number or variety of box sizes. The X7 also gives retailers the ability to optimize warehouse space for other value-driving activities.

“The power of the X7 is in taking our proven lower-volume processes and accomplishing for e-commerce the most needed functions to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in three seconds,” said Packsize Sr. Product Manager Connor Pehrson. “The X7 is unrivaled when it comes to packaging speeds and reliability.”

Backed by a worldwide support organization of Packsize Care™ engineers and technicians, Packsize can assist every X7 at the local level. Packsize can also complement the X7 with a full spectrum of advanced packaging, automated systems, accessories, and consumables, as well as through expert know-how and capabilities customers need to improve their retail operations and supply chains.

About Packsize
Packsize transforms how businesses and their customers experience packaging – from packing to unboxing. Since introducing Right-sized Packaging on Demand in 2002, Packsize has become a recognized supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. As a partner and trusted advisor, Packsize unlocks the hidden potential in its customers’ supply chain and creates custom packaging process flows that consider every step – from the warehouse floor to the customer’s hands. Packsize is reimagining packaging and accelerating the path to a more sustainable future. Follow Packsize on LinkedIn.


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