Achieve sustainable packaging  

Use Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet®

Packsize strives to use resources wisely for the betterment of our community and the planet. We take great pride in providing the best sustainable packaging solutions in the industry today.

The drive toward a future that is more sustainable is what fuels Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Healthy Planet. 

Saving the world—one box at a time.

Saving the world—one box at a time

Our On Demand Packaging® solution successfully replaces the traditional store-and-retrieve box model from our customers’ supply chains as well as the corresponding complexity, time, waste, and unnecessary material and shipping costs. Right-sizing requires less corrugated fiberboard, removes or reduces the need for void filler, improves less-than-full-case average cube utilization, and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

For every 1 million square feet of corrugated cardboard used, Packsize customers typically save:


Box size reduction


Less void fill used


Reduction in corrugated

25 tons

CO2 reduced globally

Packsize Sustain-ovations

Renewable Resources

Simple corrugated cardboard has become increasingly important to our modern society. Right-sized Packaging on Demand® is a sustainability concept that applies to custom box-making that takes place on your packaging line. We pair our On Demand Packaging machines with proprietary corrugated z-Fold® made from responsibly managed, renewable resources.

packsize corrugated z-fold

Renewable Energy

Packsize powers its eco-friendly packaging headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and its factory for sustainable packaging machines in Enkoping, Sweden with renewable energy sources including wind, water, and solar, as well as nuclear generation in Sweden. We discourage the use of non-renewable resources in our daily operations and advocate the reduction, re-use, and recycling of all paper, plastic, and aluminum materials across the entire organization.

Sustainable Fleet

In line with our eco-friendly packaging initiative, Packsize operates an expanding fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to reduce emissions. When our engineers, service technicians, and area sales managers visit a customer’s facility, they produce 85% fewer smog-forming emissions than the average visitor.

Driving sustainability across the community

Encouraging awareness

Packsize encourages awareness of sustainability, resource use, and green packaging initiatives such as recyclable packaging materials.

Partnering for good

Packsize chooses to source from businesses that offer sustainable options for the goods and services needed.

Proud SmartWay® supporter

Packsize is a proud SmartWay supporter, an EPA brand aimed at helping businesses move goods in the cleanest way possible. All Packsize carriers are SmartWay certified.

Leaders for Clean Air

In 2015, Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner joined forces with Utah business leaders to form Leaders for Clean Air, a Utah nonprofit working to facilitate business investment in electric vehicle infrastructure.

Largest EV installation in Utah

In 2017, Rocky Mountain Power and Leaders for Clean Air honored Packsize for having the largest installation of electric vehicle chargers in Utah.

Calculate the cost savings and positive environmental impacts of switching to Packsize

When you use Packsize’s compostable packaging solutions, you’re not only saving money, but also saving the environment.