Be your own corrugated cardboard box manufacturer

With a custom cardboard boxes solution from Packsize, the best box manufacturer is you. 

Make only the boxes you need

Buying pre-made boxes and managing a box inventory is a thing of the past. By using a custom packaging system with a box-making machine, you can save money, space, material, and protect the environment, all while eliminating your need to manage a box inventory.

Replace your old store and retrieve stock boxes with a Packsize custom box-making system that makes Right-sized Packaging On Demand®. Derive the many benefits associated with only making boxes as they are needed. With solutions that range from e-commerce to furniture and cabinetry, there is no more need for a warehouse full of pre made boxes.

Cut down on material and shipping costs

Smaller boxes equal larger savings. By right-sizing your boxes, you use 20% less corrugated than with pre-sized boxes, significantly saving on materials and shipping space and costs.

Packsize has worldwide access to the highest quality and variety of z-Fold® corrugated cardboard. A right-sized box produced by a Packsize On Demand Packaging system is also made of 97% recyclable material. By removing the air in the box, you reduce the box size, often by as much or more than 40%. This translates to 60% less void fill, and a 26% reduction in corrugated.


reduction in corrugated use

It’s a win for everyone

The environment says thank you

Using less corrugated and void fillers means using fewer trees. By cutting down on package sizes, you’ll also be able to fit more shipments on a truck, which cuts down on CO2 emissions.

Increase customer satisfaction

An On Demand Packaging solution will simplify your workflow and get your product to your customer faster. Eliminating extra space in your packages decreases the risk of shipping damages.

Save your company money

Packsize eliminates the need for a large box inventory, freeing up valuable warehouse space to store products instead of boxes. With a full diagnostic approach, we can find the best possible solution for your packaging operation.

See how your company can benefit from right-sized packaging