How Crutchfield uses automation to meet eCommerce Demand

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CSCMP Webinar with Crutchfield

Leading Consumer Electronics retailer Crutchfield recently implemented a packaging automation plan to increase their warehouse efficiencies. Crutchfield sought to ensure their on-time ordering and delivery systems would handle increasing B2B2C e-commerce demand.

As a long-time customer and partner of Packsize they already understood the value of right-sizing packaging and the numerous shipping and material saving benefits. Now ready to more fully embrace automation, they worked with Packsize to customize a workflow solution that fit their growing needs with a mix of first-class machine systems and software.

Join us for a live case study of how Packsize and Crutchfield:

  • Paired right-sized packaging automation with other warehouse systems to create a more efficient box production, picking, and packing process.
  • Keep pace with demand by integrating multiple machine systems to move up to 7,000 boxes a day to different pick stations.
  • Implemented Packsize X4 systems to create pre-labeled, right-sized boxes, which reduced damage and emphasized Crutchfield’s commitment to customer satisfaction while greatly reducing freight and DIM charges.
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