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How to mitigate risk and challenges for the changing eCommerce landscape

The landscape of retail has rapidly evolved, with recent reports indicating that online shopping has become the mainstream choice for consumers. Efficient and strategic eCommerce Packaging has become a critical practice for retailers.

Despite its importance, automated packaging processes are not without their challenges. In a collaborative webinar with Supply Chain Brain, Adam de Laveaga, Director of Solutions Engineering at Packsize, shed light on these challenges. The webinar, titled “Solving the Packaging Problem in E-commerce: Linking Products, Processes, and Automated Technology,” emphasizes the significance of E-commerce packaging in the contemporary retail sphere. With eCommerce sales growing 12 to 15% annually, even major retailers are grappling with packaging complexities.

The webinar explores the hurdles encountered in three distinct packaging processes: Box First, Batch Box Last, and Non-convey Box Last, each with its unique set of challenges.

  • Box First Process: This method is characterized by a moderate variety of SKUs and limited variability. Challenges here include managing paperwork, labeling, a constrained range of carton sizes, and handling repackaging exceptions.
  • Batch Box Last Process: Aimed at reducing variable costs per unit and enhancing shipping flexibility, this approach involves more complex tasks for employees, such as detailed paperwork, labeling, and item/order verification. Similar to the Box Last process, it suffers from limited carton size options.
  • Non-convey Box Last Process: Increasingly popular, this method is typically employed for oversized, heavy, hazardous, or fragile items. It faces difficulties due to irregular product shapes and sizes, necessitating more meticulous packing and a labor-intensive approach. The limited variety of carton sizes and styles, along with the need for protective materials, can also lead to issues like damaged items and associated fees.

Packsize offers comprehensive solutions to these eCommerce packaging challenges. A significant portion of the webinar is dedicated to demonstrating how Packsize can seamlessly integrate with your supply chain, featuring real-world examples from our clients.

For more information on how Packsize can assist your company in optimizing its packaging process, please contact us today.

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