The Corrugated Cardboard Primer - An Ebook

Here’s a full breakdown of everything you need to know about corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is made by gluing at least one flat sheet of paper to a corrugated (wavy) sheet of paper. It’s something you probably handle on a daily basis, and with the rise of ecommerce, it’s likely arriving on your front porch a lot more often these days.

But from the outside looking in, the corrugated cardboard box industry has a lot of variations, rules, and terminology on something you probably thought you were pretty familiar with. For example, industry professionals almost never use the term “cardboard” at all, preferring “corrugated fiberboard” instead. We’d like to provide you a handy guide to the industry. With over 40 pages of content, you’ll be totally literate on corrugated fiberboard in no time at all!

This ebook covers:

  • The different styles of corrugated cardboard commonly used in the industry
  • How corrugated cardboard gets its strength and how we test it
  • What box styles are used in the industry, and how they’re used
  • How to understand the naming classifications for both corrugated and boxes
  • Why corrugated cardboard is the best packaging material to use


Download the Full Ebook Here