Fully Integrated Packaging Machines

Packsize’s X Series offers smart packaging automation to fast-paced, high-volume fulfillment centers.

The Most Advanced and Efficient Custom-Box Making Experience

The X Series gives fulfillment centers the ability to reliably package and ship right-sized single- and multi-item orders. It seamlessly integrates with PackNet® production and optimization software from Packsize. An advantage for high-volume centers, this technology integration assesses and creates the most efficient and proven custom box-making experience.

X7 curved infeed MHI innovation award

Fully Automate Your Packaging Process and Make Custom Boxes Just-In-Time

The X7® box making machine gives you the most needed functions to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in just 3.5 seconds.

Streamline High-Volume Order Production With the World’s First Fully Automated Erected Box System

Combining production stability with optimized packaging throughput, the revolutionary X5® fully-automated, Right-sized Packaging on Demand® system accommodates both Box First and Box Last production methods at industry-leading speeds.

The Smallest Automated Packaging Solution Available

The X4® is the first Right-sized Packaging on Demand machine system to combine four packaging functions into one.

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