The World’s First Fully Automated Erected Box System

The revolutionary X5® fully-automated, Right-sized Packaging on Demand® system efficiently produces ready-to-pack, right-sized erected boxes.

Up to 600 boxes per hour

Produces a box every 6 seconds

52’ 4” x 20’ 5”

Fully-loaded footprint

5 functions


Meet High-Volume Demand

The X5 can meet high-volume demand for RSC style boxes, ideal for e-commerce and
manufacturing businesses. Order fulfillment becomes a faster and more efficient packaging operation by producing up to 600 ready-to-pack, custom erected boxes per hour.

Streamline packaging production

The X5 streamlines and enhances packaging production through lean manufacturing. Offering unparalleled flexibility, this Packsize innovation reliably produces cost-effective and sustainable packaging to meet your business needs.

Reduce Labor

The X5 reduces labor by streamlining your packaging processes and workflows by incorporating eight automation features, producing the right-sized box without requiring constant operator attention.

The Next Level in Packaging Automation

The X5 cuts, creases, glues, erects, and labels ready-to-pack, right-sized boxes for automated output onto a conveyor, cart, or packstation.

Cuts, Creases, Glues, Erects & Labels

Fast and Reliable Throughput

Automation Integration

4 Bale z-Fold® Capacity

See the X5 in action within your packaging environment.


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