3 Reasons To Consider Custom Product Packaging

March 6, 2017

Product packaging plays a significant role across every industry, from furniture and cabinetry, to electronics and clothing. Your product packaging must effectively protect the product, while eliciting a positive impression from your customers. The best way to achieve these and many other goals is through custom product packaging. If you’re still using a standard box for all your products, it’s time for a change. Here’s why you need custom packaging design.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Products vary in size and shape. Using the same standard box for shipping all your products is costly and inefficient. Rather, you should use a custom-designed box for each item you ship. Packsize On Demand Packaging® gives your business the ability to create the right-sized box for the items you need to ship. Instead of buying corrugated fiberboard shipping boxes in bulk, you receive a box making machine to produce the boxes you need in real-time.

With the right-sized box, you’ll use less corrugated material, eliminate the need for filler material, and reduce your dimensional weight shipping charges.  Custom packaging guarantees your product’s specific specifications are met. Whether the product is large, small, or odd-shaped, it provides the exact construction needed.

Increase Brand Awareness

A custom packaging design can be used to increase brand awareness. Instead of a plain cardboard box, you can utilize custom printed boxes that feature your brand name and logo. Your brand image can be displayed both outside and inside the shipping container to provide a positive opening experience for your customer and to reinforce the brand.

Protect Your Products

Using a standard sized box to ship your products doesn’t deliver the best protection. To prevent products from shifting during transit, unsustainable filler materials—such as packaging peanuts—are often used, which can result in product shifting and breaking. However, a custom packaging design does deliver the best protection. Custom product packaging produces unique box shapes and sizes, as well as corner protection pieces, to help ensure products reach the customer in pristine condition. By safeguarding your products with a custom-designed box, your customer has a positive experience with your brand.

To switch to custom product packaging, contact Packsize®. The leader in On Demand Packaging®, provides custom box-making solutions to help businesses maximize efficiency and sustainability, while minimizing costs and complaints.

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