Changing the game in eCommerce packaging

Providing a seamless process for fulfilling non-conveyable and oversized goods through Right-sized Packaging, on Demand®.
Improved customer experience and supply chain sustainability
Eliminated over 30 box sizes
Reduced material use
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The Goal: 

DICK’S Sporting Goods sought to expand its fulfillment and distribution capabilities through an innovative packaging workflow approach.

"Finding the right-sized box was a time-consuming process for the team of 350 employees in a 600,000 sq ft warehouse tasked with packaging more than 2,000 unique SKUs. Associates manually selected boxes after picking the product, usually adding extra time, tape, dunnage, and corrugated material. This ultimately led to a less-than-ideal unboxing experience for the end consumer, known to DICK’S as athletes."

Packsize delivers operational efficiency and corrugated cost savings, and it’s also an environmentally responsible choice. The custom box solution helps us continue to reduce waste generation to mitigate our environmental footprint.
Mel Lewis
Senior Director
DICK’S Sporting Goods

The Solution:

Right-sized packaging for every order

After an in-depth analysis with Packsize Sales and Solution engineers, DICK’S Sporting Goods was presented with a new Right-sized Packaging on Demand process using an EM7-35. Rather than manually choosing a box, DICK’s Sporting Goods associates now scan barcodes on the picked items which are then cubed automatically through Packsize Software.

Each ordered product is paired with the right-sized box. The improved operational efficiencies allow for a more streamlined and speedier fulfillment process to the ultimate satisfaction of each athlete. A winning combination for both the distribution center and consumers!