On Demand Packaging® for on demand print

Everett now has unlimited options for quantity, size, and style—while still providing increased shipping protection.
Estimated 50% savings on material costs
Elimination of 7.5 % box inventory write-offs
No product damages with Packsize
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The Challenge: 

Products that can’t afford to be damaged in shipping

Everett Graphics works in a fast-paced industry where producing and shipping one-of-a-kind product cartons is the norm. This led to a lot of unused box inventory. Because of the nature of the company’s business, “We cannot afford any damage,” says Mark Carlson, CFO of Everett Graphics. It was imperative to always have the right-sized box.

We continually build upon our mission of providing clients with the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions to their packaging needs.
Mark Carlson
Everett Graphics

The Solution:

Smart packaging that’s tough, too

Due to the breadth of SKU sizes produced, Everett was one of the first printing companies to grasp the benefits of On Demand Packaging®. Switching to Packsize gave Everett Graphics unlimited options for quantity, size, and style, while providing increased shipping protection. Stock-outs and obsolete inventory are a thing of the past.