Custom product packaging for small business

Instead of buying boxes and hoping they fit, meet your customers’ needs with unique and custom cardboard boxes for every order with Packsize. 

Experience the versatility of custom packaging for small business 

Just because your ecommerce company has a large and diverse product base, doesn’t mean you need to abandon specific packaging requirements. Right-sized Packaging on Demand® systems can produce hundreds of official FEFCO and custom box styles and designs. From the largest armoire to the smallest tube of lipstick, our box-making machines make the right size box for each and every product. Generic corrugated packaging pulled from random box inventory is likely to lead to extra box space, high sustainable packaging processes, and product damages. Packsize ensures your products reach your customers in perfect condition through our custom product packaging for small business and any businesses.


Packsize On Demand Packaging systems produce more than just a custom cardboard box, including:

Corner protection


Interior fitments




Void filler

custom cardboard boxes corners
Right-sized package design at your fingertips

Right-sized package design at your fingertips

Our Packsize Design Group is available to walk you through the basics of choosing an existing design or creating a custom box design to use with our On Demand Packaging® systems. All of our solutions are customizable, meaning your packaging will be created to fit your unique needs. Our machine systems even allow you to create customized packaging with your company name, logo, and more, for a fully branded unboxing experience.

The power of CADPack Designer

CADPack Designer powered by Packsize is a state-of-the-art packaging design software that works alongside our On Demand Packaging machines to improve overall packaging operations.

Complex packaging made simple

Save time, money & the environment

Packsize Right-sized Packaging on Demand systems achieve efficient, less costly, and more sustainable packaging processes. And consumer surveys show that your customers actually care about these practices. In 2022, nearly 1 in 4 online shoppers surveyed switched their purchases to more sustainable companies in response to environmental concerns. Adopting a more eco-friendly packaging model could lead to more repeat customers. Right-sized boxes also save you money by using less corrugated, minimizing void fill, reducing shipping costs, optimizing warehouse space, and reducing labor requirements.

Reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction

Right-sized product packaging eliminates the need for unsustainable packaging materials, reducing the amount of waste and the potential for damage in transit. As interest in eco-friendly packaging builds worldwide, sustainable On Demand Packaging is essential to the growth of ecommerce businesses, as well as the future of our planet.


reduction in void fill usage

Our smart-size packing partnership with Staples resulted in a 15% reduction in corrugated usage and a 60% reduction in void fill. Their “Smart-size Packaging Program” resulted in a better customer experience, improved supply chain sustainability, and efficiency with every shipment.

Create Your Unique Customized Packaging Solution with Packsize

If you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of custom packaging for your small business, contact us today!