Custom Packaging Boxes

Packsize is transforming how companies ship their products to customers across the globe.

Don’t overlook the power of the box in highly-effective packaging.

A store-and-retrieve box inventory and packaging environment costs you plenty of time and money. Changes in how carriers charge for shipping means you are paying too much for wasted space.

Packsize On Demand Packaging® give you dozens of ways to design your own box and is based on your custom packaging design requirements.

Packsize packaging machines are placed right on the packing line, and z-Fold™ corrugated is fed directly into the machine. The corrugated cardboard is then cut, creased, and scored to the exact dimensions required to fit the product in a box correctly. This saves you money on shipping costs, and also reduces your carbon footprint while increasing customer satisfaction. Because all of our custom packaging design solutions are designed to match your requirements, any number of machines and other features can be implemented.

With custom box, Packsize customers save money, become more efficient, and improve sustainability.


Our smart-size packing partnership with Staples, the world’s second largest fulfillment center, resulted in a 15% reduction of corrugated usage and earned us the WorldStar Packaging award in 2013.

Design your own packaging that meets your individual needs. Contact us today to learn how.

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