What is an On Demand Packaging 

On Demand Packaging solutions combine precise right-sizing technology, equipment, accessories, and services required to package and ship goods directly from a packaging line. Our packaging solutions replace former store-and-retrieve, pre-made box inventories and wasteful void filler with Right-sized Packaging on Demand® for every single order. Our technology produces right-sized custom corrugated boxes that are dimensionally superior, cost less to ship, and save resources for a healthier planet. And with Packsize, you aren’t just getting a box-making machine. Our sales team builds fully-functional, customized solutions that fit seamlessly into your current warehouse model.

Find out why the world’s largest and smartest companies are switching to Packsize.

Eliminate the empty space in your packaging

By right-sizing your boxes, you eliminate the need for packing peanuts, air pillows, and other wasteful void fillers in your packaging. Using a right-sized box design also means that your products will be packaged more securely and efficiently, so they arrive safe and sound at your customers doorstep. Designing your own custom corrugated boxes will create less waste, reduce product damage, speed up throughput, and generate repeat business.

Smaller boxes lead to big benefits

In the midst of a massive labor shortage, many companies are looking for ways to improve processes and make better use of resources, from labor and material costs to warehouse space. Right-sized Packaging on Demand can give you an edge. By utilizing automated packaging solutions, you can optimize your warehouse space, reduce labor and material costs, and make custom corrugated boxes for every order. As a pioneer in the packaging industry, Packsize can help you achieve these goals through our On Demand Packaging systems.

Minimize void fill

The smallest possible box means there’s a reduced need for unsustainable void fillers, eliminating up to 50% used.

Reduce labor

In some cases, fewer employees are needed to achieve a faster cycle time when using On Demand Packaging machinery.

Minimize damages

Damages to your products often occur when they jostle around inside the carton. Eliminating that empty space has been proven to greatly reduce damages.

Reduce shipping costs

Major shipping companies charge for packages based on weight and size; so it’s more important than ever to minimize your box sizes.

Increase sustainability

Packsize customers use less corrugated and filler material, while also improving their shipping activities. This results in less trees cut, less landfills filled, and cleaner air for us all.

Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers don’t want to have to throw away oversized boxes and the copious amounts of void filler sent with them. Smaller boxes reduce damages and improve your customers’ brand experience.

Adopting Right-sized Packaging on Demand to Fit Your Needs

We recognize that every business and every warehouse is unique. That is why we use a diagnostic approach to develop a packaging analysis before anything else. Our goal is to find the right automated packaging solution to seamlessly integrate into your current packaging operation. No matter your starting point or individual needs, we map out an approach that helps you experience the possible transformation from day one.

Packsize EM7 in a warehouse diagram

A complete solution for your entire packaging line

Packsize is the only Right-sized Packaging on Demand provider with a full spectrum of advanced and automated packaging solutions. Whether you just want to create custom corrugated boxes, increase your throughput, our build a fully automated dark warehouse, we can help. Our sales representatives are always available to help assess and resolve your packaging challenges

Reduce your packaging waste and save money