Design custom product packaging

Instead of buying pre-made boxes and hoping they fit, meet your customers’ needs with unique and tailor-made boxes for every single order. 

Experience the versatility

Just because your company has a large and diverse product base, doesn’t mean you need to abandon specific packaging requirements. On Demand Packaging® systems can produce hundreds of official FEFCO and custom box styles and designs. From cabinets and chairs, to electronics and fragile items; Packsize can help ensure your products reach your customers in perfect condition.


Packsize On Demand Packaging systems produce more than just the box, including:

Corner protection


Interior fitments




Sustainable void filler

Right-sized package design at your fingertips

Our Packsize Design Group is available to walk you through the basics of choosing an existing box design or creating a custom design to use with On Demand Packaging systems.

The power of CADPack Designer

CADPack Designer powered by Packsize is a state-of-the-art packaging design software that works alongside our On Demand Packaging® machines to improve overall packaging operations.

Complex packaging made simple

Save time, money and the environment

Packsize On Demand ProductPacksize On Demand Packaging systems achieve efficient, less costly, and more sustainable packaging processes. Right-sized boxes use less corrugated, minimise void fill, reduce shipping costs, optimise warehouse space, and reduce labour requirements—all while substantially increasing throughput and sustainability.

Reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction

Right-sized packaging eliminates the need for unsustainable packing materials, reducing the amount of waste and the potential for product damages. As interest in eco friendly packaging increases worldwide, Packsize customers are already well-aligned with the growing base of business, and consumer attitudes toward reducing societal and environmental impacts.


reduction in void fill usage

Our smart-size packing partnership with Culpitt Ltd resulted in a reduction on courier charges of 28% and a saving in corrugated and packaging of 12%. This lead to a better customer experience, improved supply chain sustainability, and efficiency with every shipment.

Create your unique packaging solution with Packsize

If you’d like to learn more about how to optimise your product packaging, contact us today.