A customised solution only for you

 We don’t sell machines. Together, we analyse your current packaging processes and then develop an optimised process that fits your requirements perfectly.

Proven on-demand packaging solutions combined with automation and components from special purpose machinery manufacture

Our PackLeap team delivers integrated, efficient and reliable packaging processes that have a positive impact on everyone working with the solutions. With a collaborative and consultative approach, we create more satisfaction for you and your customers. Visions become reality.

FACIDO: A solution that optimises efficiency and material consumption

A customised packaging process was developed for FACIDO, ranging from the provision of loose ordered products to the order sign-off of the ready-to-ship cartons. The focus of the optimisation is based on the employee that is supported by automated processes now. The dimensions of the ordered products are sent directly from the merchandise management system to the cutting machine. This produces a customised box for each individual order. At the same time, the corresponding order items reach the packing station via a product conveyor belt. The carton volume is reduced considerably and the consumption of packaging and filling material is significantly lower. A vacuum folding table facilitates the erection of the box. The FACIDO employee only inserts the items before the carton is automatically sealed with hot glue.

Individualisation does not stop with packaging sizes

On Demand Packaging® systems are capable of producing hundreds of types and models of approved FEFCO boxes. From cabinets and chairs to electronics and fragile items: Your products arrive to your customers protected and with less packaging waste.

On Demand Packaging® is more than just different sized boxes:

Edge protection




Corrugated inlays


Sustainable filler material


Less waste


No plastic


Less corrugated and consumables


Customer satisfaction

Individual packaging designs

Our team can help you develop new and individual packaging designs.

The powerful CADPack Designer software

Our CADPack Designer is a state-of-the-art packaging software for developing individual box designs.

Create unique packaging solutions

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