We are all familiar with e-commerce. We order something online and after a short time it hopefully arrives at our home safely without much packaging waste. To make this work smoothly, the logistics have to work…

Fulfilment is the logistical processing of online orders. This could be done by relevant departments of the sender, but it is often logistics service providers (so-called 3-PLs) who have the expertise to process the orders from order entry, through retrieval, picking, and packaging the products to shipping. “Fulfilment” is the logistical service provided by online retailers. Well-known players in this segment include DHL, Rhenus Warehousing and CEVA Logistics.

As e-commerce is currently booming, the fulfilment sector is looking for ways to increase throughput, boost efficiency and productivity and address labour shortages. Automation solutions from Packsize offer opportunities here.

Environmental awareness is becoming more important

End customers react sensitively to packaging waste. This is where the Packsize maxim comes in handy: Every (online) order gets its minimum-sized cardboard packaging!

Packsize offers automation for your e-commerce and fulfilment processes:


Throughput (speed, time to customer)


Productivity (process optimisation)


Management of labor market


Customer satisfaction (less waste)



Smaller boxes create space and shorter delivery times due to fewer transport vehicles on the roads.