Giving outdated packaging processes the boot

Designing a unique packaging solution to optimize space, labor, and throughput with automation.
Reallocated majority of packing labor
Doubled throughput
Reduced carbon footprint with better freight efficiency
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The Goal: 

1,000 Packages Out the Door Every Hour

As the nation’s largest western and work retailer, Boot Barn struggled to keep up with the high demand for their products, especially when the labor crisis hit. They knew they needed to implement new technology to overcome this. That’s when they turned to Industrial Procurement Services (INDPRO) to help design a better warehouse system.

Not only did Boot Barn need to store 250,000 pairs of boots inside their 40,000 square foot warehouse, they needed those boots to be easily picked and replenished. INDPRO’s goal: 1,000 orders packed, labeled, and out the door every hour. “In order to hit that number we needed to bring in automation. And Packsize, for us, was the obvious choice,” said Mark Juelich, President, INDPRO.

The relationship between Packsize, INDPRO, and Boot Barn I hope to expand upon. We want to continue our partnership and see this grow and blossom as our company continues to grow.
Joey Kinnevan
Director of Fulfillment
Boot Barn

The Solution:

A Fully Customized Right-size Packaging on Demand® Solution

Packsize partnered with INDPRO and Boot Barn to build a unique, fully automated solution, utilizing three Packsize machine systems. The IQ Fusion®, the X4®, and the X7® as the star of the show. An all-in-one machine, the X7 takes an order, gets its dimension, creates a right-sized box, wraps it around the order, and places a shipping label on it. “That, to me, was the most exciting thing about this project. The fact that we could run 75% of the product through that machine is amazing,” Juelich said. The X4 is the most space-efficient Packsize machine system and was perfect for handling complex multis in the Boot Barn warehouse.

Finally, the IQ Fusion serves as the perfect solution for overflow during peak season, while being extremely cost-efficient. With Packsize and INDPRO working together to design the right solution, Boot Barn was able to significantly decrease their warehouse labor, while doubling throughput and increasing their bottom line.

They were also able to reduce their carbon footprint by using less corrugated to make smaller boxes, allowing more boxes to fit on a single truck, and resulting in less trucks on the road. With these new solutions in place, Boot Barn customers now receive their packages faster, more efficiently, and right-sized.