Get the packaging you need, when you need it

Thanks to On Demand Packaging® solutions, you can take charge of your timeline, spend less, and waste less.

Streamline your packaging process

Ordering boxes from suppliers is a process plagued with long wait times, an imperfect fit for your campaign, and “mountains” of unused boxes. Streamline your packaging process with a Right-sized Packaging on Demand® solution.

Experience cost savings across your packaging line through Packsize.

Minimize your dimensional weight charges by reducing the size of your boxes with an On Demand Packaging solution.

Cut costs and enrich your employees’ jobs with packaging automation.

How right-sized packaging,
on-demand works

With an On Demand Packaging® solution, you’ll never have to rely on a box vendor to get a custom order again. Quickly produce the exact number of boxes you need in the right size and style right in your warehouse. Packsize’s machines have been optimized to produce any custom box for printing operations.

Take control of your timeline with On Demand Packaging systems

Packaging software gives you the information

An On Demand Packaging line is an industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution. PackNet® is designed to run mission-critical processes and analyze data in real-time. Connect your entire distribution network via our dependable, robust, and secure On Demand Packaging system. PackNet makes it easy to extract and analyze packaging data giving you greater ability to improve real-time decision-making.

Reduce box inventory

Free up warehouse space by cutting down on corrugated inventory.

Decrease down time

Keep up with product demand, no downtime waiting for packaging material.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase throughput by not having to hand cut boxes.

Right-sized boxes benefit you, your customers, and the environment

Gain the ability to create eco-friendly packaging by making boxes right-sized. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of corrugated material used, reduce DIM weight costs, and improve protection for your items during shipping. You will also derive the reciprocal benefit of an improved customer experience.

“Packsize equipment improved our packaging process significantly. We are now able to provide the turnaround service our clients require.”

Max West — Operations Manager, Holland & Crosby

Packsize can help you save money and improve your current process.

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