E-Commerce grows strong

Order volumes and customer expectations of e-commerce and fulfillment are rising rapidly. You need more throughput, productivity, and consistently satisfied customers. On Demand Packaging® delivers the answer. You produce the right shipping box for each individual order – at the exact moment of shipment.

Any problems finding enough staff for your fulfillment?

In Europe, a full-time employee costs around € 50,000 per year. At peak times, the need for employees can double. Labor is a scarce resource. The efficient use helps to improve the profitability of the company.


of the total costs in a warehouse are based on labor.

More and more orders – more and more returns

With the increase in order volume in e-commerce, there are also more returns. Tests show that a package falls to the ground an average of 17 times during the delivery. Therefore protective packaging is needed. Nothing affects your customers’ satisfaction more than unpacking damaged products and oversized boxes.

On average 40 – 60 % air is shipped in boxes

Source: Fast Company 4/20/18

Happy customers with On Demand Packaging®

With perfect fitting boxes, your products are delivered undamaged

On Demand Packaging® produces an exactly fitting box for each shipment. So, you avoid unnecessary filling material and damage caused by too much air in the package.

Easy box opening

Automated Packsize solutions produce ready-to-ship boxes that require no tape. This creates a frustration-free packaging experience.

Customised specific adjustments

Your Packsize project team can develop a specific packaging solution for any product group. During joint workshops in our Packsize Solution Lab in Langenberg, Germany, we can develop and adjsut the packaging accordingly. In the end you will receive a customised solution.

A  Win-Win-Win-Solution

Faster throughput & higher productivity

Optimise the efficiency and profitability
of your processes!

Response to the labor shortage

Automate and reduce manual workload!

Reduced material costs

Save money with smaller packaging!

Less damage to delivered goods

A perfect fitting packaging offers better protection!

Increased customer satisfaction

By smaller packaging and undamaged products!

Solutions that are made for you

e-commerce and fulfilment can reduce their workforce through automation during the holiday season. Online retail achieves more productivity through lower labour input.


Less full-time employees during high season


More overall productivity


Less training time

Optimised processes without high capital investment

On Demand Packaging® offers efficient, automated, and sustainable packaging solutions. You get Packaging as a Service and don’t have to buy the machines.