Building high quality partnerships

A partnership that stands the test of time. Over 15 years of increased throughput, flexible integration, and a sustainable packaging process with Packsize.
75% of labor reallocated
Enabled cabinets to be packaged in real time
Reduced carbon footprint and easier recycling
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The Challenge: 

Manual Packaging Process Slowing Down Throughput

Kountry Wood is a high quality, high throughput cabinetry manufacturer. Since 1998, they’ve done a great job of producing kitchen cabinets at high speeds – but when it came to packaging those orders, manual labor was slowing them down. They needed a solution to get their high volume orders out the door faster.

“They make high quality cabinets, but they make them really fast. The initial ask for Packsize was, ‘Can you bring that same quality and that same speed, with new packaging technology to help us keep pace and grow the business?’” said Nick O’Connor, Area Manager, Packsize.

I see Packsize as an innovator. We’ve been doing business with them for 15 years, and they’ve always been open to our ideas of expanding and helping with our growth. We hope we can do another 15 years in the future.
Virgil Yoder
Executive VP
Kountry Wood

The Solution:

Long Term Partnership and a Customized On Demand Packaging® Solution

Packsize helped Kountry Wood implement a customized solution utilizing the EM Series to streamline their packaging process flow. This allowed them to reallocate 75% of their labor to other areas of the warehouse. “Comparing it to the previous system, we would have three or four times as many people working in the [packaging] department,” said Yoder. “We were able to reallocate those people because of the way the Packsize machine performs and we can streamline our production much easier than what we had before.”

The partnership with Packsize also allowed Kountry Wood to customize their packaging process to match the speed and schedule of their cabinetry production. “What I like about Packsize is the consistency of the packaging, the throughput, and the machines producing a product on a consistent basis,” said Perry Miller, President, Kountry Wood. “The flexibility… we can schedule any way we want and the Packsize machine will adapt to any schedule that we’ve got.”

There were many additional benefits to the new packaging process, according to Miller. For example, the design of the packages allows cabinets to be unboxed easily without lifting, making installation that much easier. The boxes are then often repurposed as floor protection during construction – just one example of how Kountry Wood has leaned into a more sustainable process with Packsize.

“There’s definitely been an improvement on the carbon footprint,” said Miller. “We are members of the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program). The carbon footprint reduction has helped us.”

As long term partners, Kountry Wood has experienced first-hand the durability of Packsize machine systems. “Packsize equipment is built to last. The machines behind me, they’ve been installed, for some of them, 15 plus years,” said O’Connor. “We also have support structures in all of our regions where we’ve got really high quality field service engineers that take care of our equipment and make sure that they stay up and running.”

“We have put full confidence in the Packsize packaging machines because they have truly performed day in and day out,” said Miller.