Create custom furniture large shipping boxes

Save money and reduce product damage with an On Demand Packaging® system. 

Reduce expenses and damages

Furniture companies often face skilled labor shortages, increasing costs, changes in consumer demand, and inefficient supply chains. Staying ahead of the game can be a complicated and expensive process.

To deliver the most cost-efficient and sustainable packaging solution without jeopardizing functionality, companies use corrugated right-sizing solutions to acquire the furniture shipping boxes they need: 

Free up your warehouse space and only use the corrugated large shipping boxes you need, when you need it. 

Minimize damages with right-sized furniture boxes and protective packaging that keeps your products safe.

Speed is everything. Harness the ability to create a right-sized carton exactly when you need it.

How right-sized Packaging, On Demand® works

Packsize s multi-patented, automated On Demand Packaging machines systems can handle corrugated cardboard bales up to 96 wide. When this flexibility is combined with advanced cutting tool head capabilities, Packsizes box-making machines are equipped to create cartons for your furniture boxes in any size needed. 

Perfect Your Furniture Packing Process

Design your own right-sized large furniture boxes 

With Packsize, your packaging can meet the design principles and best practices you apply to product development: form, function, sustainability, process, cost, and quality. This also gives you the ability to replace plastic packaging material with more sustainable sources, preferably fiber-based materials.

Cost savings

Reduce material and shipping costs, including dimensional weight charges.

Custom boxes, on demand

Design your cartons to fit your requirements.

Reduce product damages

Our packaging is proven to better protect products.

Stop storing boxes

Eliminate box management and inventory.

Customized and optimized to every warehouse

Whether you have single or multiple packaging lines, Packsize furniture packaging machines can be integrated into any warehouse space and process flow. Our solutions adapt to meet your requirements. By right-sizing, you also fit more product onto each truck.

Speed up your throughput and automate your processes

Packsize custom box-making systems accelerate your production workflow by eliminating the need to manually cut boxes, freeing up labor for other valuable tasks. Our packaging automation advancements can also help improve your order delivery, from process to packaging.Make the right box each time for every shipment…in seconds. Get the large shipping boxes you need, every time.

Packsize can help you save money and improve your current process

Contact us today for a custom analysis that will expose your risk to maintaining the status quo.