Together We Move

Join us for the Together We Move Event |  6-7 September |
33449 Langenberg, Germany

Packsize Event "Together we move" to automation powered by VEGA and Becker.

Together We Move (to Automation) is a promise to our customers. Together, we strive for more automation in the field of packaging. This includes innovative solutions and sustainable processes, as well as new impulses and a fruitful exchange among partners. Together We Move is also an event to share experiences and success stories with you.

Would you also like to take the next steps towards packaging automation? Then meet our customer VEGA Grieshaber KG and us at the Packsize Solution Lab! Be inspired and learn about the potential of customised and sustainable packaging solutions. Throughput & cycle times, process optimisation & profitability, customer satisfaction & product protection as well as ergonomics & sustainability are the focus of the event.

Sounds interesting? Just choose one of the two dates and fill out the form on the right. VEGA and our team of experts are looking forward to meeting you.


PS: It’s worth scrolling down, there are more content details at the bottom of the page. Our customer VEGA Grieshaber is on site to independently answer questions and provide insights into the challenges of process design and optimisation.

Together We Move

What can we achieve together? Different industries – similar questions.
Do you have the same questions? Come by, we are looking forward to finding answers together.


Together we move - Be part of the Packsize event. Watch ecommerce and manufacturing packaging solutions.


  • How can throughput and cycle times be increased while improving ergonomics?
  • How are process flows made even more efficient to increase productivity?
  • How is product protection achieved despite diverse product configuration?
Together we move - Be part of the Packsize event. Watch ecommerce and manufacturing packaging solutions.


  • How can economic growth and sustainability be reconciled through automation?
  • How can heavy and bulky parts be packed ergonomically and in a way that conserves resources?
  • How is product protection ensured when shipping complex or fragile products?

Agenda & Insights

Join our packaging tour. Together we will visit different stations and operational processes.
Afterwards, we can go into more detail about each aspect and address your specific requirements.

X5 Pick and Pack Master Data Process Flow


The X5 Platform
6-7 September | Langenberg

Learn more about different applications of the X5 solution. The fully automated system produces dimensionally accurate, ready-to-pack, and erected boxes in quantities of one.

Best of all, the X5 is constantly being developed for new applications. In addition to eCommerce, other areas such as production, furniture, and print products will also benefit in the near future.

Digitale Workshops im Packsize Solution Lab mit individuellen Verpackungsdesigns


A packaging solution for VEGA shortly before delivery
6-7 September | Langenberg

Experience how a semi-automated solution comes to life. The repackaging solution from VEGA Grieshaber produces boxes for multi-items, fills them with robots and closes the box at the end of the line. Box-in-box processes are shown, manual to automated. VEGA answers questions on site and provides insights into the automation of two other sub-projects (long goods & pre-packaging).

Packsize Solution Lab

Together We Move, Part 1 with VEGA
6-7 September | Langenberg

Different packaging process flow solutions await you on site. Complex processes require comprehensive expertise, which is also provided by reliable partner companies such as Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau.

The Packsize Solution Lab plays an important role here: It is a meeting place where experiences are exchanged and technical solutions are developed together. The VEGA processes have also been designed here. Use this forum to be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Beispielhafter Verpackungsprozess im Packsize Solution Lab in Langenberg.

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